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How To Drive A Car

While learning to drive might seem like an intimating task from the passenger side in a vehicle, the task gets seemingly less overwhelming when you are actually in the driving seat. If you learn to be a bi defensive and are willing to take your time to learn the tricks and everything else, learning the ropes will definitely be a much easier task.  

Learn to be comfortable controlling the vehicle  

As you get in, alter the driving seat to ensure you are comfortable. Your legs should be able to easily touch the accelerating pedal and the braking pedal. More often than not, your driving instructor will also advise you to follow this technique? Newer models of vehicles will have some form of electric control that will enable you to move the seat while older models will have a type of lever under the seat to move the seat. 

Get used to the pedals  

This is something that will take time to achieve, probably a couple or more driving lessons with your private driving instructor. Assuming it’s an auto vehicle, there will be 2 pedals. One handles the accelerating aspect of the vehicle while the other handles the brakes of the vehicle. The one on the right is the accelerometer and is generally a tad bit smaller when compared to it compatriot. Always use one leg to handle these pedals. Using both is a big no in the world of driving. Use the right foot to handle both the pedals. This is so it’s not possible to press both simultaneously.  View more here https://passfastdrivinginstructors.sg/. 

Adjust the side mirrors so you can get a clear and unobstructed view  

There are three mirrors in the car that are crucial for safe driving. Two are the side mirrors which are on the outside and the other is the rear view mirrors which gives you a clear view of what’s happening behind. Before you drive off, adjust these three mirrors to get a clear view. Keep in mind to avoid keeping any blind spots. 

Figure out what the letters or numbers on the gear mean 

Understand what gears the vehicle has and what they do. Park is the first and is the gear for when the vehicle is parked. In this mode the vehicle will not move when its switched on and even if the accelerator is pushed. Neutral is where the motion depends on the vehicle’s own momentum and which direction its edged towards. Of course, am sure everyone knows what reverse is all about. If the vehicle is in Drive, then it will move forward once you take the leg off the braking pedal. 

Understand what the hand brake does and where it is located 

The location of the hand brake differs from vehicle to vehicle. When engaged, the hand brake helps lock the vehicle in a single place to ensure there is no undesired movement. When the hand brake is disengaged, the vehicle is more liable to movement. Be sure to disengage it before driving.  

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