Top 5 Things To Do Before Your Big Day

So he finally proposed! Taking the relationship to the next level could be a life changing experience. Most brides tend to get super stressed about planning the marriage thereby causing them to forget the other important aspects of their life. Here are the top 5 things to do before your big day.


No bride would want to look tired and weary with dark circles under the eyes making her look nothing less than a raccoon. So take a deep breath and stop stressing over the tiniest details. You must remember that everything is not going to be perfect and you have to learn to stop fretting over trivial things like why are the flowers 10cm smaller than you asked. Book yourself a spa appointment a month followed by a few days prior to the nuptial in order to ensure that you feel relaxed and look ravishing on your big day.

Make reservations

The main reason why most brides tend to get stressed is due to last minute preparations. Start making reservations at least 3-6 months in advance as most places tend to get fully booked especially if nuptial season is in full swing. Book your wedding photographer in Singapore, cake decorator, event decorator, nuptials venue, hairstylist and makeup artist as these are the most important people required to make your dream wedding come true. It is also important to go dress shopping a few months prior to the big day as custom dresses take time to be made.

Make memories

Amongst all the hustle and bustle most brides tend to neglect their fiancé. Don’t make the mistake of doing so as you might end up regretting it after you get married when you look back at the nuptials planning period and you have very few good memories with your significant other. Try your best to enjoy this happy phase and not argue over silly things like which cake flavor to choose. For the pre-wedding photography try to come up with a unique theme that reflects both your personalities and is sure to make your album stand out from the crowd.


An important thing you must do at least two weeks before your nuptials is practice your vows so that you don’t have to read out from a piece of paper at the altar. In addition, remember to try on your dress to see if it is comfortable enough to walk or dance especially if the dress has a long trail or mermaid style back. You must also practice walking in your shoes as uncomfortable footwear will definitely ruin pictures as you walk down the aisle.

As your big day approaches, stop stressing out and remember to enjoy this phase as you won’t get to experience it again.

Abbie Rees / July 18, 2017 / Business Services