What Should You Be Cautious Of When Renting A Vehicle?

Renting out a vehicle rather than actually purchasing it has become a common trend in today’s world. Not only has it saved potential money that could be spent otherwise on buying your own kind, but it has also opened up a range of choices to choose from for a simple monthly amount thus not limiting one to a certain type of vehicle only. However there are many things you should be cautious of when you do go through this process. Here are some of it;

Cost of Advanced Gas Payment

With the current popularity in car rental p plate, for those who are unable to purchase their own kind of vehicle and have an urgency to have a vehicle for an important ride may be to the airport, paying an advance to the rental company to fill up gas is disadvantage in many ways. Most companies that operate in this field try as much as possible to earn something more by adding or creating a package of some kind. But this serves as an added cost to them as well. If they were to fill up the car with gas before your journey the cost they have to bear is far greater than if you would do it yourself. So unless you are certain that at the end of the journey you will have an empty tank to be returned to the agency, don’t choose this option. But rather take the extra effort to fill it up yourself based on whichever capacity you think is ideal for your journey and would lead to an empty tank by the end of the day.

Gas stations

While is important that you return the vehicle to the car rental agency with an empty tank, you should also make note of the places that you could refill your tank whenever the need arises. Especially when you are travelling in an unfamiliar rode it would be wise to check for gas stations beforehand in order to avoid having to be left stranded in the middle of nowhere with no gas! Make sure that as soon as you pick up the vehicle from the agent, that you fill the tank with the necessary amount of gas. Make an estimation beforehand for this based on the distance you would be travelling.


Just like in a game where you pay a certain amount and upgrade your equipment, the agency too may have such offers that you are unaware of. It would be a definite loss if you miss these upgrades that you could have obtained for a couple more extra dollars. This may or may not be a common occurrence in the agency but when it is present make sure to take advantage of it. Most common situation is when the agency has been unable to work out their vehicle stock in the right manner. This creates a situation where they have to offer a higher class vehicle to a customer for a rate less than what would it should have been. This is a definite disadvantage to them, but from your point it is a major upgrade from the otherwise outdated model option you were supposed to choose.

Consider the above and make sure you avoid these common mistakes when you rent out a vehicle.

Abbie Rees / July 27, 2017 / Business Services